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I've been paying for 15mbs speed, which is the highest they offer lol, since January of 2016 and I have never had a speed test result above 5mbs. I haven't had phone service for a freaking week.

Hot Wire is hands down the worst f*^*ing company I have ever dealt with in my life. Excuse, after excuse, after excuse.

If I had the opportunity to beat the f$%K out of everyone of the sob's I do it slowly and methodically.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hotwire Communications Internet Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I am not getting all the channels on Hotwire on demand I got with

Comcast!!! Hotwire is inferior to Comcast!!!! There not even close.

to Pelican Landing Resident #1374864

It's not inferior service, it's the contract for the content that Comcast has over all other cable service providers. Same thing with Direct TV and NFL package, no other cable provider can carry that content.

The quickest fix to your problem is to get active and get out more and that way you wont have to spend that much time watching tv.

Jupiter, Florida, United States #1333921

Jonathan's Landing in Jupiter has same issues after POA signed an exclusive. That's there business model and it's a good way to sell crappy service.

Melbourne, Florida, United States #1213827

My community has had the same issue in Melbourne, FL with Hotwire. I don't know how they get away with ripping customers off.


Wow, just found out today hotwire is exclusive in the community I'm buying a house in Yulee Florida. I've read so many horrible reviews for this company.

I work from home and cannot have an internet connection that is unreliable. It looks like I will be breaking the contract on the house. I cannot believe that a company can have a monopoly, or even that it's legal!

Do we live in a communist country? *** no!


Hotwire Communications (610-642-8570) is solely owned by Billionaire Michael Karp of Philadephia, PA (google him). Kristin Johnson Karp is his wife who is the President but he mainly hides behind her.

She is on LinkedIN as well as their Hotwire Site. If you have a petition in your property then there must be petitions at the other properties they operate in.

Your group may want to connect up with those groups for more strength. Just an idea.

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