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I have been in my new home for four months. My development has Hotwire Communications as there discounted preferred service. I have needed two service calls and now need another. The cable box in my living room does not reboot. I have rebooted myself numerous times but again it refuses to start, all I get is “complete signal failure”. However, the cable box in the bedroom works fine.

I also asked to remove the HD from my account and was told that it would be done, yet I am still being charged. All the time that I did not have reception has also not been deducted from my bill.

Tonight I called to make an appointment and accepted the callback feature. I never received a callback, three times I tried due to long wait times.

I do not think that the service associate or the repairman has a clue what may be wrong or how to fix it permanently.

I have had Comcast, Dish and Time Warner and never had a problem.

I am copying this to the better business bureau and any other agency that may be able to help. I am also looking for any other cable company that is available in my development that has better service.

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I agree. My development HOA is trying to bring them in for the homeowners and I am leading a charge against this moronic move. Are you in southern Florida?n

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